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A Novelist and an Earl

A Novelist and an Earl

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A heroine in thrall to duty. A hero in thrall to his legacy. Will their arranged marriage lead to happiness?

Main Tropes:

  • Sweet/clean
  • Scottish hero
  • Arranged marriage


The only time Isabella Rivers ever broke the rules of good behavior was when she started writing Gothic novels - and even then she used a pen name to avoid embarrassing her genteel family. When her parents arrange her match with the Scottish Earl of Airth, she obeys with her usual quiet pragmatism. However, not only does she find herself a stranger in a strange land - she also realizes her new husband is keeping many secrets from her…

George Trevelyan inherited the earldom after his dashing older brother’s death. Being unfavourably compared to his charming late sibling is the least of his problems, though - the estate is failing, the taxes are climbing higher, and soon he finds himself engaging in dangerous ventures just to keep the people who depend on him fed. He is determined to bear his burdens alone. However, his bride proves too inquisitive - and beautiful - to let him do that…

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